Humble Book Bundle: SF & Fantasy just launched

Humble Book Bundle: SF & Fantasy

The Humble Book Bundle: SF & Fantasy by Angry Robot Books (partner link) just launched. If you love books and especially Sci-fi, then this Bundle is for you! Here’s what’s included in the bundle.

Tier 1 (pay $1 or more to unlock)

  • Binary Storm by Christopher Hinz
  • Occult Crimes Unit: Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis
  • The Burned Man: Drake by Peter McLean
  • Kojiki by Keith Yatsuhashi
  • The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter by Rod Duncan
  • Steal the Sky by Megan E. O’Keefe

Tier 2 (pay $8 or more to unlock)

  • The Buried Life by Carrie Patel
  • Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen
  • Occult Crimes Unit: Evil Dark by Justin Gustainis
  • Blades of the Old Empire by Anna Kashina
  • The Singular and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath by Ishbelle Bee
  • Unseemly Science by Rod Duncan
  • Slights by Kaaron Warren
  • United States of Japan by Peter Tieryas

Tier 3 (pay $15 or more to unlock)

  • Occult Crimes Unit: Known Devil by Justin Gustainis
  • Outriders by Jay Posey
  • The Custodian of Marvels by Rod Duncan
  • The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu
  • An Accident of Stars by Foz Meadows
  • Embedded by Dan Abnett