Choosing The Right Bar Stool Style

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Before you buy that bar stool set, read through our guide to finding the best bar stools for your kitchen.

Purchasing a Bar Stool

Choosing your bar stools is frequently the final and most significant step in completing your home bar stools. The correct bar chairs will fit in seamlessly with your bar, complementing its aesthetic and resting at the perfect counter height. Most importantly, they must make your visitors feel at ease so that they will want to spend as much time as possible with you. There are practically infinite alternatives for bar stools, so before you buy one, think about a few crucial characteristics that will help you cut down your choices.

Calculate the Height of Your Counter

If you don’t want to go with adjustable height bar stools, make sure your bar stools match the height of your bar so guests can grab beverages and rest their arms on the bar comfortably. You can safely choose bar height stools for a normal bar. Bar height stools, on the other hand, are too tall if your bar area is a kitchen counter or at that height, and you should use counter stools instead. Stools that are shorter are uncommon in home bars, unless you’re putting up a kids’ section off to the side. Take a measurement from your floor to your counter. Then use our Bar Stool Height Guide to get the ideal measurements for your bar seating.

Match the Details to Your Personality

Choosing bar seating that complements the style of your home ensures that the bar is a seamless addition to your home, and that one room flows seamlessly into the next. Bar chairs constructed mostly of wood work well in rustic settings, whereas metal or plastic are frequent materials for contemporary bar stools, which sometimes employ unusual line patterns. You may take it a step further and choose a style that complements both the locale and the type of property, such as coastal style grey bar stools for a beach house or contemporary metal bar stools for a high-rise apartment. Read our Bar Furniture Buying Guide for more information on how to match your seats to your decor.

Look for Features That Make Life Easier.

When it comes to keeping your guests comfortable, simple amenities can make all the difference. Adjustable height seats are no longer just for barbershops; adjustable height bar stools can accommodate customers of all heights. Because bar stools can be quite tall, a footrest is a wonderful addition to provide a place for people’s feet to rest. Swivel bar stools have long been a staple of many bars, allowing visitors to easily turn around and converse with one another at your home bar. Find out more about How to Pick the Best Swivel Bar Stool.

Maintain a comfortable and attractive back height.

The sort of back you choose for your bar stools is determined by the appearance you want to achieve as well as the level of comfort you desire. When it comes to swivel bar chairs, backless bar stools are a popular alternative. Low-back and high-back bar stools are both alternatives for stools that provide some back support, with low-back stools providing some back support while looking similar to backless bar stools and high-back bar stools providing the most support.

Select Seating Materials That Are Long-Lasting

You don’t want to take your seating material decision lightly since if you make the perfect option, you’ll want to spend a lot of time sitting there. Wood is a popular material for bar stool frames and seats because it has a classic aesthetic and is long-lasting. Leather bar stools offer a luxury appearance and emphasize comfort. Plastic and aluminum bar stools are another robust alternative that fits the modern design. Make sure you know how to clean it in case of spills, whatever you choose. Our guide to the Best Counter Stool Upholstery Materials will assist you in selecting the most appropriate bar stools for your needs.

Your Color Palette Should Be Complementary

Solid colors make up the bulk of bar stools on the market, and for good reason: they go with a wide range of spaces and blend in with your bar without overpowering it. However, make sure to look at a variety of color patterns since you might just find the right design to complement your home bar. A wild print pattern could be just what you need to draw people’s attention if you want to add an eye-catching feature.

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