How do you clean laminate floors?

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Keeping your chevron laminate flooring, herringbone laminate flooring and similar floor covering looking its best means fully understanding “what is laminate” and “how can it be cleaned with care?”
Laminate is increasingly used in family homes, so having these insights will help you to enjoy a flawless floor for many years.
Modern manufacturing techniques have found a way to fuse together quality synthetic materials to create a tough, multi-layered floor covering.

The top layer protects and strengthens the skin and is generally treated with ultraviolet oil. The UV oil is applied to the surface and dried quickly under ultraviolet light to give it a unique luster and resilience.
Laminate flooring Wallasey is generally made from wood fibres and has a similar appearance as wood floors. You can also find stone effect options.
This is the fastest way to find out what laminate is. Let’s take a closer look at its advantages and features for interior design.

Laminate flooring has many benefits

A laminate is also known as a “floating tile” in the USA. It sits on top of an underlay. This provides insulation and comfort benefits.
It is made using highly skilled processes and tested to strict European standards.
Laminate is sold in “planks” if you are installing it for a refurbishment job. These come in a tongue-and-groove design so that they can be easily clicked into place.
Laminate flooring can be customized to suit any interior design or renovation project with a variety of creative designs and colours. Laminate flooring is not all created equal.

One universal truth is that if you buy laminate flooring from reputable London flooring companies, it will be of high quality. Laminate flooring can be just as elegant and beautiful as hardwood floors. It can also withstand the test of time.

It’s stain- and scratch-resistant, which is one of its main benefits. However, it is not bulletproof. It can still withstand normal house activity.
Laminate flooring is much easier to lay than either light or dark hardwood floors and it’s also very affordable. Laminate flooring is a great option if you are looking to decorate a small space on a tight budget.
A well-made floor will provide warmth underfoot. This is why it’s often preferred over wood floors for a family home.

Why cleaning is so important

The best way to ensure quality laminate flooring is to buy high-quality versions. London flooring companies and others will tell you that laminate is best cleaned properly.
Laminates can last for many years and are very similar to light or dark hardwood floors. This applies only if the surface isn’t damaged in any way.
Some design options, such as chevron and herringbone laminate floors, don’t show any dents or scratches. It is better to maintain a flawless surface.

Laminated flooring: Cleaning solutions

This means that you should only use the right cleaning products.
You shouldn’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on wood floors. Instead, choose cleaning products that are “kind” and effective.
These products are readily available at most supermarket shelves. Be sure to look for eco-friendly cleaners that include laminates on the labels.

The best tools to clean laminates

After you have purchased a wooden floor for your home’s renovation, it is important to avoid dropping or dragging heavy or sharp objects onto it. Laminate floors are subject to the same rules.
You also risk permanent damage if you scrub them with uneven or scratchy tools. Laminate and wood floors should not have wire-wool or abrasive foams. Never use steam cleaners either. Applying hot moisture under pressure can damage your laminate flooring. A damp cloth might be sufficient for small marks or spills.
A simple microfiber mop is a good choice for larger areas and all-over cleaning. This reusable mop is great and delivers just the right amount of liquid to do the job.

Technique for cleaning laminate floor

Use the right cleaning solution and gently sweep your floor with a microfibre mop.
Use a regular microfibre mop with a bucket to clean the floor. Don’t let the mop head get too wet. To ensure you are not just passing dirt, grit, and other foreign material back onto the floor, make sure to refill your water often. Next, rinse your laminate floor using only water and a microfiber mop. Wipe it dry.
Do not scrub, rub, or scratch if it is a stain, mark, or other resistant material. Use a soft dabbing motion using a mop or cloth to remove as much as possible.

Additional tips for maintaining laminate flawless and clean

Laminates can withstand a lot of wear and tear on either light or dark hardwood floors. There are some things you can do that will prolong their lives and improve their appearance. First, do not allow moisture to sit on the boards’ surface for too long. As with wood floors, this can cause boards to warp and swell.

If your family is dragging a lot of dirt or sand on their shoes, brush it off as soon as possible. It is possible for it to be trampled on or dragged across laminate surfaces if it is left too long. To prevent paint spillages, cover the laminate floor completely when you are done decorating.
Do you want to know how to remove candle wax from a wooden floor or how to get rid of chewing gum from laminate floors or wood floors? Use ice to harden the material and then lightly rub a scraper across it. This is where a credit card comes in handy. But don’t try to push too hard. After the worst has passed, wipe any remaining residue clean with a white cloth.

For more information on how to maintain wood floors and laminate flooring such as chevron and herringbone, check out our interior design blogs. This one, for example, discusses glue stains.

Finally, make sure to add padding to the legs of your furniture and keep your pet’s claws trimming! These two actions will reduce the likelihood of damaging your beautiful laminate floor.

Get expert advice

You now know what laminate is and how to clean it. If you are looking for a cost-effective, quick option to replace your existing floor, this is the right choice.

Specialist help can be obtained to restore the look of laminate or wooden flooring. This includes using UV oil to give it a polished appearance.

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