How to Create a Roblox Exploit

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It is difficult to create a Roblox exploit. A Roblox exploit is different from normal software development. The developer must study Roblox’s internals to understand how it works. The developer must also have a good understanding of Computer Science and the internal workings of the Windows operating system. Although it is difficult, it is possible to create a Roblox exploit if you have the patience.

  1. Download Visual Studio 2019 Community. Visual Studio is Microsoft’s suite of development tools used to create a software (programs/applications) for the Windows operating system. Microsoft offers a free version of Visual Studio called “Community” to anyone who participates in open-source projects and/or makes software as a hobby.
  2. Buy a reverse engineering tool. This is the process of dissecting an internal program to examine its behavior and code. This is essential for Roblox Exploiting. You need to understand Roblox‘s internals to hack its client [1]. There are many reverse engineering tools available, but Binary Ninja and IDA Pro are the most popular.


  3. You can always get a free reverse engineer tool. It is important to remember that they may not be compatible with your operating system.
  4. Get a debugger. In some cases, a debugger can also be used to modify the behavior of a program. Although not necessary, a debugger can help you diagnose issues in Roblox’s codes or your exploits. You don’t need a debugger if you have IDA Pro (or are planning to buy it). You can also get a debugger for free from the internet, such as OllyDbg.
    • You could also use the debugging tools of Cheat Engine, which is a popular cheating tool in video games. However, they are notorious for being unstable.


  1. Learn how to program in a language that compiles natively to Windows. It would be logical to also make hacks in C++ considering the Roblox client was programmed in C++ (but that’s not a requirement).
  2. Search Google for guides on software reverse engineering. There are many free PDFs and ebooks available. While some of these guides may require a deep understanding of computer technology, you can still find simple guides to help you understand the process.
  3. Join a community that exploits Roblox. Roblox‘s largest exploiting community, V3rmillion has many guides about developing and using Roblox exploits. V3rmillion is not a community for people new to exploiting, but some users are very welcoming and can help you develop an exploit.
  4. View the Roblox Source Code. A copy of Roblox source codes was released to the public in January 2017. You could easily examine the Roblox engine’s workings by obtaining a copy of the source code.
    • You should be aware that accessing the source code mentioned above can pose legal and technical issues (as malware-infected users have been known to infect the code). If you can stay in safe areas, the chances of discovering a leak of the source code are higher than elsewhere on the Internet.
  5. Get help from experienced reverse engineers and programmers. You could also watch videos that teach reverse engineering such as those offered by jjsploit.

  1. You need to find a way to make your exploit public. It is easy to find a website where you can publish your exploit. You can post your exploit on any video-game cheating website.
  2. Create a community around your exploit. Many exploits that became popular revolved around group chats. Discord, a communication software that is free and often bug-free, is ideal for exploit’s users. However, you should be aware that exploiting communities won’t be allowed on Discord. You may also get banned from your peers. You don’t need to set up a Discord server to host your exploits. Most exploits aren’t free and this is almost always true.
  3. You can take it one step further by considering selling your exploit. If you are short on funds, selling your exploit could help you make some extra cash. Selling exploits is similar to selling lemonade stands: the profits can be very modest, depending on how you advertise. An exploit should be sold for between $15 and $20 according to current standards.
    • Remember that overpriced exploits will decrease sales. Adjust the price of your exploit based on its capabilities.

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