How to dress like an Eboy: Styles, Inspiration, and Origin

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Eboy Outfits – The Tik-Tok Craze is Taking Fashion Over

Eboy outfits are the latest viral trend from Tik Tok and have become one of the most popular trends in men’s fashion this year. Although the Eboy look is not for everyone, it can be a great way to add a touch of edginess to your everyday clothes. This alternative urban style can instantly make any Hypebeast, skateboarder, or fashion lover a web style icon.

We will show you the basics of Eboy style and explain where it comes from. Also, we’ll show you how to dress like one with three Eboy outfits that you can easily replicate.

What is Eboy Style?

Eboy fashion is a popular alternative style for young men and teenage boys. Eboy is a term that refers to a young man (often an influencer, or social media figure) who has an alternative style and a cool look. It incorporates many of the top men’s fashion trends. It is rapidly gaining popularity online and attracted attention from younger people. This style is often found in skateboarding and alternative music.

Eboy style has a distinct aesthetic, but it is flexible enough to allow for a lot more individualization. This look draws inspiration from K-Pop and 90’s skateboarding as well as 2000’s punk music and 2000’s goths. Some people choose to focus on one style and include more elements from it. One Eboy might be heavily influenced by punk fashion, wearing more layers of jewelry, while another eboy fashion shop might be inspired by skateboarding and wear less jewelry with his large t-shirts, Vans, and oversized tees.

Boys may prefer to keep it simple. They often dress in monochrome blacks and greys, with pops of white or denim. This style is also known as the Soft-Boy aesthetic. Some people are more adventurous and add neon green and red to black and white outfits. They are sometimes called Cyber Goths.

Solid black skinny jeans are a cornerstone of almost all Eboy/Soft boy styles. The Skinny Jay denim by Mott & Bow has been our go-to recently. It has 11% elasticity and is woven in Italian fabric. You can wear it cuffed or uncuffed to suit any Eboy size.

True Eboy style is more than your clothes. It’s a way of life. It’s so common that most men have the same style of long, flowing hair. The trend’s followers also love to color their hair, likely due to K-Pop influences. Many will have platinum, pastel, or light-colored hair. One trend that is catching on among the edgiest Eboys is ‘Cruella Devil hair’. This involves dyeing only half your head and keeping the rest natural.

The Origins of the Eboy Clothes

In the late 2010s, the Eboy look was first seen online. The Eboy look gained popularity on TikTok in 2019, a popular video-based social media platform for Gen Z. Its popularity was similar to the E-Girl style, an alternative style that is popular among young women.


Eboy clothes combine influences from both alternative fashion styles and the modern, internet-driven pop culture. The aesthetic is a continuation of the popular emo style from the 2010s. The Eboy wardrobe has influences from 90’s skateboarding and punk.

Pop Culture: The Eboy Look

Celebrity Eboy style is displayed in Timothee Chalamet, who is both on-screen and off-screen. Social media has captivated millions with his signature style of floppy curls, and forward-thinking red carpet looks. He can often be seen wearing oversized, layered t-shirts and cuffed trousers daily. In Beautiful Boy, you can see elements of his Eboy style in action.


This aesthetic is also common among K-Pop stars and many of their followers. K-Pop stars often sport neon hair colors, layered jewelry, and large trees. K-Pop is often credited with the Eboy-Esque androgynous feel many of its Eboy-inspired looks have.


Although the look is popular with boys, it has had an impact on fashion for women as well. Billie Eilish’s lime-green locks and large clothes are a perfect example.

Eboy outfits combine elements of casual and formal dress. An Eboy wardrobe is built around oversized tops, cuffed pants, and other basic elements. Although most of their clothing is solid-colored, Boys also have a few pieces that are wide-spaced and checkerboard print. Mixing prints and colors in surprising combinations is a common practice. They layer a short-sleeved t-shirt on top of a long-sleeve shirt. Many of them wear streetwear and skatewear brands such as Thrasher, Nike, and Off-White. Many people find their unique clothes at thrift shops and vintage shops. Others add DIY touches such as bleach dying and distressing.

You would find these clothing items in an Eboy’s closet:

  • White T-shirts – Larger in size, longer length
  • Long-sleeved striped T-shirts (the layer beneath a short-sleeve shirt).
  • Vertical stripes (button-ups T-shirt, pants, or T-shirt)
  • Crewneck sweaters
  • Distressed Denim (any wash will do)
  • black joggers
  • Grey trousers (slim, or skinny)
  • denim jackets

An Eboy’s style is to accessorize liberally with jewelry and chain belts, as well as chunky rings and beanies. They often wear a pair of worn-out Converse or Vans shoes. White tube socks are almost their standard attire. Doc Martens and black leather oxfords fit well into this aesthetic.


Boys can also choose to wear more trendy items such as gothic cargo pants and padlock necklaces. They may even use chipped black nail polish.

Inspiration for Eboy Outfits


A striped long-sleeve shirt with cuffed jeans is one of the most sought-after Eboy outfits. A chain wallet, a belt, white tube socks, and a pair of black/white Vans are all great additions to your Eboy outfit.


Layer a collared button-up under a crewneck sweatshirt and then pair it with cuffed trousers. Wear black sneakers, oxfords, or white tube socks with this look.


A vertically-striped collared shirt and black trousers are another popular Eboy outfit. Add layers of jewelry and a belt to complete the look. White sneakers and tube socks are great additions.

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