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There have been a lot of different wine glass shapes over the past decade. They range from simple and cheap to expensive and extravagant. There are still many options for stemware, including Chardonnay/Burgundy/Pinot Noir/Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon/Bordeaux, and Chardonnay. Universal glasses are a better choice for all wine styles.

It is important to consider the size of your business

No matter whether your wine is sparkling, sparkling, red, or white, the aromas will play an important role in shaping its character. It is more difficult for aromas to escape from a smaller bowl. Larger bowls permit more oxygen to contact the wine. They allow for a more fluid swirl which, when done correctly, will help open the wine.

Variation Specific vs. Simple Red or Plain White

Glasses have been developed for almost every major grape variety over the past century. Each wine style is unique in its acidity, fruit expression, tannin, and alcohol. The different shapes of glasses can intensify or soften these characteristics. This is an excellent way to travel if your goal is to create a great collection. You can use a standard Cabernet or red wine glass to enjoy all red wines and a Chardonnay wine glass to enjoy white wines. Here’s how to choose the right glasses for your variety.

Cabernet Sauvignon/Bordeaux

The traditional red wine glass. Bordeaux and Cabs tend to have high levels of alcohol and tannin. A bigger bowl with a higher height allows for more space between wine and drinker. This causes ethanol to evaporate on the nose, and more oxygen to allow tannins to soften.


This glass is slightly taller than the Cab and has a slight taper at its top. It’s designed to concentrate the fruit and allow ample air to mellow the tannins in these large red wines.

Pinot Noir/Burgundy

The bowl is extremely large and has a tapered rim that allows for plenty of airflows. This concentrates delicate aromas and highlights the bright, juicy fruit.


The traditional white wine glass. This glass is best for fresh ice sphere maker, young wines. The narrow rim helps to concentrate the aromas of white wines. White wine will stay colder in the smaller bowl than red wine.

White Burgundy

The shape of this glass is similar to that of the Pinot Noir glass, but smaller in size. It has a wide bowl and narrower rim which concentrates aromas and ensures maximum aeration for creamy white wines. This allows for subtle complexities to be revealed and rich fruit concentration to offset. This glass is frequently confused with the Chardonnay.


Champagne flutes are all about the bubbles. The Champagne flute’s narrow design keeps fruit aromas and yeasty aromas in focus while allowing the champagne to flow longer and stay fresher.


These wines have a higher alcohol content than those still bottled. The smaller bowl helps to reduce alcohol evaporation and emphasizes the wine’s rich fruit and complex aromas.

Stemless vs. Stems vs.

Stemless glasses are great for daily enjoyment but may not be the best choice for drinking higher-quality wines. The stemless glasses force the user to grip the bowl rather than the base. This causes the wine’s temperature to rise to increase due to heat from their hands. This is not a problem for red wines, but it can cause serious damage to white wines. Stemless glassware is also susceptible to fingerprints and smudges.

Thin is In

A super-light, thin stem with a lip is the latest trend in stemware. Zalto and Zenology are elegant collections that can make it feel as if you’re not even holding a glass. This glassware is used by top wine restaurants and tasting rooms to showcase their best wines. They are delicate and refined, however. Riedel and Fusion may be better options if broken wine glasses are a problem in your home.

Get rid of the flute

Sparkling wine, particularly Prosecco, is now consumed more than ever. But wine lovers enjoy the aromas that pop out of the glass, which can be muted with the traditional, narrow Champagne flute. Although toasting with a flute is a popular choice, it is better to drink white wine or a universal glass. A coupe or tulip-shaped Champagne glasses are a good compromise. They allow bubbles to flow for longer than the standard wine glass and let the intense aromas shine through.

One glass for all

The universal glass is the best choice if you don’t want the hassle of choosing which glass to pair with which wine. It’s somewhere between a Chardonnay glass and a small red glass. This versatile glass allows you to enjoy all your favorite wines, even sparkling. Every glass collection has a universal option, and it’s growing in popularity.

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