Swimming Coaches That Are Great With Kids

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Are you looking for the top swimming instructors in Singapore who can instruct your kid? Even if it’s you who needs the top swimming instructors in Singapore, we may still be of assistance.

Even if you’re an adult, learning to swim is best done under the direction of the top swimming instructors in Singapore to ensure one’s safety.

Fortunately for you, we’ve whittled down your choices by identifying the locations where you may locate Singapore’s top swimming instructors. We took care to only include swimming instructors who are qualified professionals with plenty of experience.

1. Condo buses

The best course of action is to hire the top private swimming instructors in Singapore if you dislike learning in a group setting. Condo Coaches is well-known for its qualified and experienced private swimming instructors, who are available for both children and adults.

More than 4,079 self-assured swimmers have been generated by Condo Coaches over its seven years of operation. Additionally, there are more than 1,093 condo swimming pools on the entire island, so you can find one no matter where you are.

Condo Coaches offers swimming lessons that are reasonably priced when compared to other private lessons. The fees of transportation to your place will even be covered by its private swimming instructors.

Kids can learn swimming here in addition to having the greatest swimming instructors in Singapore, Condo Coaches also has a large network of instructors for other activities, such as piano lessons and yoga sessions.


  • coaches with experience and professionalism
  • a variety of services
  • Comparable prices

2. Swim Hub

Look no farther than Swim Club if you’re seeking for a swimming school that can provide flexible classes! It employs some of Singapore’s most qualified swimming instructors, all of whom having years of expertise to their credit.

Swim Club makes sure that its staff of qualified trainers is always up to speed with the latest swimming techniques by giving them ongoing training. This is to guarantee that each of its lessons will provide its pupils with a positive learning experience.

Along with teaching basic swimming techniques, the coaches are also trained in first aid. Due to the fact that the students will be continually under the supervision of professionals, parents won’t need to worry about sending their kids to its sessions.

Classes are available at Swim Club for infants, kids, and even adults. Call its hotline to arrange a free trial if learning to swim has always been on your bucket list!


  • Free lesson to try out
  • skilled swimming instructors
  • inexpensive swimming lessons

3. XSA Swim Academy

We suggest XSA Swim Academy to parents looking for a swimming school that specializes in instructing kids. Coach Xavier, a full-time swimming instructor with 18 years of expertise, is in charge of it.

Coach Xavier is dedicated to teaching kids how to swim and making his courses as entertaining as possible. He is one of Singapore’s top swimming instructors. Children who are his students are taught the proper swimming strokes, techniques, and even water survival skills by Coach Xavier.

One of the few schools on the island that offers SwimSafer, a national water safety program designed to improve swimming in Singapore, is XSA Swim Academy. It is divided into five phases that develop in difficulty, with each step teaching activity and survival skills.


  • Professional swimming coach provides Reviews from SwimSafer users

Here are some reviews from parents whose kids attended XSA Swim Academy:

“I searched online for a swimming instructor for my 3-year-old daughter. Most of them claimed that my daughter was too young to be taught, but Coach Xavier stood his own. My daughter always anticipates his swimming sessions and has grown more comfortable swimming in the competition pool!

“My 6- and 8-year-old kids had a great time learning to swim with Coach Xavier at Sengkang Swimming Complex. In the final 10 minutes of each lesson, the teacher allowed them to play the water game.

4. Isplash Swim School

From toddlers to adults, Isplash Swim School offers a variety of swimming lessons. Even older women who have always desired to learn to swim can take those classes there.

Isplash Swim School’s team of skilled, qualified, and enthusiastic swimming instructors would have been the one factor that made it the ideal choice for a swimming school.

The tried-and-true instructional methodology used by Isplash Swim School has been demonstrated to be successful by both its teachers and pupils. At enrolling in its sessions, you or your child are guaranteed to be able to swim by the end of the course.


  • inexpensive swimming lessons
  • skilled swimming instructors
  • effective teaching strategy

5. Swim instructor John

Swim Coach John goes beyond the conventional teaching of swimming techniques as one of the top swimming schools in Singapore. The facility’s swimming teachers work with students to increase their comfort level while swimming.

Speaking of swimming teachers, Swim Coach is renowned for housing some of the top swimming coaches in Singapore who have mastered various approaches to train various swimming strokes to a large number of pupils.

We strongly advise enrolling in its swimming lessons if you’re a busy individual. Because some of its adult clients have busy schedules, Swim Coach offers flexible swimming times.


  • Adaptable timetables
  • a tested training technique
  • knowledgeable coaches

The Swim Starter provides swimming lessons designed exclusively for kids. The Swim Starter promises that pupils will be able to swim confidently after their classes in just six months thanks to the over 35 years of experience incorporated into their manuals.

In addition to the typical Basic and Premium choices, The Swim Starter additionally divides its lesson plans into groups according to the skill level of the youngster. These categories make it simple for coaches to assess and develop strategies that will assist kids develop.


  • There are free trials available.
  • beginning lessons
  • classes for advanced beginners
  • 25 meters of uninterrupted swimming

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