The top mobile games of 2021

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It is difficult, if not impossible, to compile a list of the top mobile games. This is a lengthy process that includes hundreds of thousands of mobile games across iOS and Android and spans more than a decade.

We’ve chosen to approach the matter from a simple, but not entirely surprising, perspective. What mobile games would an alien ask you to install? We don’t look for obscure gems, or necessarily run-away hits with such an unusual filter. We are looking for the most important and iconic games in the history of smartphone gaming. A compilation of the best hits from both Google Play and App Store.

We only require that the game is still available and enjoyable to play today. Also, we will only include one game per series. We will generally choose the best entry rather than the most popular.

Although we start with a small list, we will continue to expand our selection over the next few months. We may even remove some entries as their developers withdraw support or they are supplanted. These 15 games can be a great starting point for any mobile game collection.

Raid: Shadow Legends

For seasoned gamers, it’s easy to be a little skeptical about gacha RPGs. The simple truth is that they are played by a surprising number of people. Raid: Shadow Legends is one of these 800lb gorillas.
particular loved-and-loathed sub-genre. It’s impossible to ignore.

It’s hard to ignore a game with this much visual appeal, including the stunning 3D graphics and screen-filling fireworks that accompany every PVE campaign mission and PVP Arena level.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact shows off its The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild influence with shameless pride. It has a familiar anime-inflected fantasy universe and action-RPG mechanics.

You’ll be able to forgive the obvious tribute act, as it perfectly executes the formula and offers a free mobile game. This is truly amazing.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley and its sequel Monument Valley2 are rare video games that have made it into mainstream gaming. This is the kind of game that is often mentioned on TV and can be played by anyone who doesn’t know how to play video games.

It’s important to not minimize its clever spatial puzzles that are Escher-like or its beautiful art style. We just want to mention that it is a very popular game, and we are one of them.


Pokemon Go

We need to know what mobile game has kept people coming back as long as Pokemon Go. It was launched in 2016 and is still going strong.

Looking for more? Take a look at our top games like Pokemon Go!

This game was the best example of AR and location-based gameplay. You battle and capture cute animals near real-world landmarks.


Takedown the Spire

It felt like the ultimate deck-building card gamer had returned to mobile. Many other mobile games have taken Slay The Spire’s formula to the next level, some quite successfully.

Slay the Spire’s intuitive, yet complex and diverse card-based combat system still reigns supreme.


Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey represents the stylish future of the endless runner. Jetpack Joyride is the past. First, you’ll notice an art style that is so smooth and sharp it should be on the cover of a magazine.

It works amazingly, too, thanks to an incentive-driven structure that keeps you coming back for more.


Mobile Call of Duty

Call of Duty Mobile has the best online shooters of both Android and iOS. This bundle combines a fast-paced multiplayer shooter and a more extensive Battle Royale mode.

It looks great and feels amazing, thanks to the top-quality controller support and a variety of modes.


League of Legends – Wild Rift

MOBAs are still a big deal in the world of eSports. On mobile as well as PC, League of Legends reigns supreme. Pick your hero and join a classic 5v5 lane running battle with your fellow players.

It’s amazing how faithful this mobile version is to the original formula. You can check out our League of Legends Wild Rift Tier List if you are interested in trying it.


Grid Autosport

There are many arcade racers out there that try to replicate the console experience on mobile. Only one of them can convert 1:1.

Grid Autosport brings the classic console racer to your smartphone in all its detail. It is still a remarkable achievement.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride was not the first mobile endless runner (shout-out Canabalt), however, it was the best and most popular. It’s still running strong thanks to legendary developer Halfbrick.

Barry Steakfried is your hero. Run, fly and smash as far as possible, using wild power-ups as well as randomly generated hazards.


Wayward Souls

Rockett games won the hearts of gamers with Wayward Souls. This roguelike action-RPG takes the top-down action from 16-bit Zelda and adds procedurally generated magic.

There are no two runs the same. You hack, slash and explore. Repeatedly.


The Room

The Room and its three sequels are some of the most visually appealing, tactile, and atmospheric locked-box puzzlers available on any platform.

The Room: Old Sins technically is the latest and greatest. You should start at the beginning of The Room: Old Sins and work your way up. It will be a great decision.


Kingdom Rush

You could take an entry in the Kingdom Rush series like The Room and have a shining example – this time tower defense.

Many mobile games require you to carefully position and upgrade defensive units to defeat waves of enemies. But none of them do this with the same charm and attention to detail as Kingdom Rush.


Among Us

Among us is an online multiplayer game that’s free to play. It requires careful communication and some skulduggery.

Assist your fellow players to prepare your spaceship for departure. But be careful with the imposter. Unless it is you, then go ahead and murder your crew.


Clash Royale

Clash Royale is the game that inspired a million players. It combines a card-battling strategy and MOBA-like base raiding. Here, you can create 3D units on a two-lane battlefield by playing cards.

Supercell’s games are renowned for their excellent presentation, learning curve, and balance.



Three Reigns games are available on iOS and Android. They are all brilliant examples of how to modernize the narrative-led adventure genre for mobile gamers.

It was important to inject a lot of humor and use a card-swiping control system that is straight from Grindr’s dating app. Who would have thought?

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