YouTube: TOP Tools For Growing Audience

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Is there anything better than watching your YouTube channel grow?

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the globe, with thousands upon thousands of channels. Some of these channels are constantly creating amazing content every day. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be a YouTuber or Vlogger of the top.

If you don’t do anything, there are high chances that your channel will be abandoned. With the right YouTube tools, however, it is possible to do anything.

To help you escape such a situation, we have brought you a list of resources that will help you grow your audience and revenue while offering you brilliant ways to boost your productivity. Here you can see one of the tools:


Wondershare Filmora is one of the YouTube video editing software which sits on a certain position in the market. There are many editing options, including the ability to trim, split, and merge the video, adjust the settings, add text or music to the video, and change the transitions.

You can improve your sound quality with tools such as keyframing, background-noise removal and an audio equalizer. Layering clips can be used to create new worlds through compositing. Filmora allows you to use up to 100 layers to create unique stories. Filmora can also fix common issues like fisheye and camera shake. It can also add effects such as slow motion and reverse. This amazing tool allows you to change the look of your video in just one click.


Camtasia by TechSmith is a brilliant tool that helps you record and edit videos for your YouTube channel like a professional. Camtasia works on both Windows and Mac. It allows you to create unlimited videos that your viewers can enjoy. Not only can you create videos, but you can also edit them.

This tool is perfect for YouTubers. It allows you to add effects, music, audios, create quizzes, import presentations and much more.

The free version can be used to test before you purchase the premium. You can install the single license on up to two computers.


Vidiq is a fantastic tool for YouTubers using which you can grow your channel by putting in much lesser time and effort that it would otherwise require. This package includes everything you need in order to get your channel on the first page with your competitors.

Vidiq has tons of great features to make your life easier, such as keyword research, productivity, analytics, and many more.

Without having to log into another platform, you can see a quick overview of how your channel is performing across social media sites. Vidiq monitors your SEO and provides feedback about your channel’s performance. Now you can correct it immediately if you suspect there is a problem.

It also analyzes your video and highlights the scores your tag receives. It will suggest tags you can use to improve visibility on your videos.


Tubebuddy is a brilliant browser extension that helps you run your YouTube channel with ease. It is a browser extension that allows you to manage your YouTube channel with ease. This tool is an invaluable resource for YouTubers. It can help you manage your productivity, bulk promo, video SEO, data and research, and many other things.

More than a million people have used the product and enjoyed it. That’s a huge number. The free version can be used to test it first, and then, if you are satisfied with the product, you can upgrade to a premium version. Paid versions are very affordable and offer many more features than the free version.

These versions can be purchased for as low as $9 to $49 per month depending on your needs.


SEMrush is a top-rated tool that digital marketers can’t stop raving about. It provides a single-stop solution for SEO and PPC as well as content. The analytics tool can be used to get a complete overview of the performance of your website.

You can use the product to find out about other domains and estimate keyword difficulty.

It can be used to perform a keyword analysis. You can also group the keywords in segments that are related to your topics. Keyword Analyzer can save the top keywords. You can also save keywords in Keyword Analyzer. SEMrush lets you conduct a complete site audit, track social media performance, track backlinks, have an organic traffic insight, and do a lot more.

Keyword Tool

Try out this YouTube Keyword Tool and check out which keyword can get you more views for your new video. It is possible to test the words and phrases in multiple languages, and find the keywords that can help you identify difficult keyword ideas without an SEO tool.

This tool will make it easy to eliminate all guesswork and confusion when it comes time to work on keywords. Keyword Tool is an excellent platform that will help you to be more precise and work in the right direction. This tool is completely free.


Now create your videos more efficiently with the amazing Headliner tool. This tool allows you to easily convert your ideas into videos and add animations, music or gifs. With just one click, export your video and share it with the rest of the world.

Your entire episode can be published, up to 2 hours in length. You can also let people know the music through waveforms that are available. This is a great way to attract people and keep them interested in your content. This tool is compatible with many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This tool is also free, just like the one above. Don’t wait, start now!


Create engaging videos, monetize your platform, boost engagement, collect in-depth analysis, and do a lot more with the Smartzer. Because of its many practical and easy ways to increase sales, this platform is gaining a lot of popularity on e-commerce platforms.

Smartzer’s developers have always maintained a simple user interface and design as their core elements. These elements will not disappoint. Smartzer allows you to make your videos interactive and monetize your site content.

The tool automatically adjusts your videos to the screen it is being played on.


Canva is the ultimate tool for designing banners, presentations, posters, etc. It is easy to create a YouTube banner.

There are tons of pre-built templates you can use or customize for your channel. These templates are available in both premium and free versions. This makes it easier to use these templates if you don’t have the budget for creating banners.

Although it might seem like the paid versions have better designs, the truth of the matter is that both are equally attractive. If you wish, you can create your banner entirely from scratch. You have a lot to choose from, so you’re bound to come up with something memorable and attractive if your creativity is strong.

JTV Digital

There are some great news for musicians. Now you can sell your music from your own home and make money each time it is uploaded to YouTube. This has been made possible by the JTV Digital – a fantastic tool that lets you monetize your songs right after its release.

It’s not just that. For every upload to a YouTube video, you can earn a royalty. Your content ID is required to choose the track you wish to monetize. The tool then uses this ID to identify your track each time it is used. The royalty will be paid to you, and it will reflect on your sales balance.


Are others using your music without you granting permission? You don’t have to worry. Adrev is here to help you get paid for all your hard work. This tool allows music copyright owners to make money when their music is used in any YouTube video without permission.

Adrev’s agents are available 24 hours a day to ensure that your content is protected. It immediately detects plagiarism and identifies the source. You can then get your rights back. This is not all. You can also use it to manage and strategize your YouTube channel, so you can make it profitable and successful.


To achieve financial freedom, grow your YouTube channel faster. With the Freedom tool, you can publish your YouTube videos across social platforms and connect and build a strong audience base.

You can also use their services for custom-made mobile games and music. This tool is available now.


Another YouTube tool that allows you to make money each time your music is used in another video.

Even if you only play your music for five seconds, this is possible. You can also earn via social media platforms. With Cdbaby you can grow your audience, attract more engagement, optimize your content, and then earn from it.

It sounds amazing!

Youtube Studio

YouTube Studio is YouTube’s official video editing and multi-channel management software. YouTube Studio provides easy-to use analytics and filters that allow you to monitor the channel and its performance. It also responds to your comments. Notify you of important events for your video content.

Update video details including thumbnail images, monetization settings and schedule dates. Manage playlists and many other things.

Vigo Video

Vigo Video is a video social network platform to share your daily lives with your friends, family, and others from all over the world. With our special effects camera, you can create funny videos and unique content using tons of stickers.

Find and connect with people who share your interests, while also sharing your daily moments. Vigo allows you to showcase your talents worldwide, regardless of what field they are. You can do it in any field, including dance, beauty, comedy, music and pets.

Vigo Video’s live beautify camera can smoothen your skin using its inbuilt effects. It can even out your skin tones and remove any blemishes. Your short video will look flawless and perfect.


Trint is an expert when it comes to transcripts. It can analyze and amplify your audio-video content using searchable data. This is a huge advantage for SEO enhancement.

Trint employs the best automated speech-to text algorithms in the world to create accurate transcripts. Trint Editor is easy to use and attaches text and audio to the original video and audio so that you can search, verify, and, if necessary, correct your transcript.

Trint can be used with European Spanish (All Accents), European French, German and European Spanish.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a tool that allows you to get the best out of your video content by video hosting, personalized video campaigns, video selling, etc. Hippo Video allows you to connect with customers and users, and generate more exposure for your brand.

You can collect testimonials from users to help you get more attention. You can track the video’s performance and make sure you get a return on your investment. This will allow you to generate more leads via videos and also give you the opportunity to pitch for sales.

Premium Beat

PremiumBeat, a Shutterstock company, provides dedicated, high-quality tracks and sound effects for use in new and traditional media projects, including videos, films, apps, games, and television programming.

This is where you should go if you are looking for music to add to your video. PremiumBeat’s stock music library gives you the same smooth feeling as big production houses. It is easy to access the tracks. Browse the tracks, preview them, then purchase a license online using a Paypal account or credit card. You can then download your music instantly. These licenses are worldwide valid and honored.

PremiumBeat will make your project stand out and you’ll be able to avoid copyright issues. You can choose the license that suits you best and then you are good to go.


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